May and Mary

May is, without a doubt, a crazy month for most of the people I know.

Lately, I’ve been reflecting on the fact that maybe May is Mary’s month because the only way we moms will get through it is with her help.

Call me a bit cynical. Or overwhelmed. Or considering crawling under the table to hide from my to-do list.

I blame Mary for the fact that I write. It’s God’s fault I have the opportunities I have.

There’s really no problem, except when I try to interfere and control.

Just as Abram (later Abraham) hedged his bets by sleeping with Sarai’s maid to get himself some offspring, instead of trusting what God told him (see Genesis 16), so I tend to try to take control.

Of my duties. Of my lists. Of my vocation.

Why is it so hard just to say yes? Why haven’t I learned yet to trust?

Having a whole month to focus on Mary isn’t such a bad thing. I am imperfect in my approach–and that will only change in small steps, I suspect.

Even so, as I quake in the face of that which is in front of me, I’m going to lean on Mary, especially in this month of May.

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One Response to May and Mary

  1. Gloria Winn says:

    Thank you for this article. Mary and May is precious! Let us extol her magnanimous virtues.