Catholic Writers Guild Elections Coming Soon

Hello CWG Members! It’s time again for CWG elections. We have four current officers who are willing to remain on the board (two in different positions).

However, since our current vice president (me!) is willing to run for president, we are in need of a vice president. If you or any other member would like to nominate themselves, visit the following link at the CWG website:

We will accept nominations until November 7. If anyone would like to run for any position, please include a short paragraph about why you want to run for a particular office. Voting will be Nov 8-21. You’ll be receiving future emails with instructions on voting. Please vote before the day indicated. Here is a list of each officer’s duties:

Nominees: Ellen Gable Hrkach
–handles Guild correspondence as needed and forwards to appropriate parties
–Post comments on boards
–Check project forums to see if we are progressing; if not, contact Committee Chair
–Officers are completing duties on-time

–Post on CWG Blog
–President’s letter for Inside the CWG
–Coordinate/approve agenda for monthly meeting with Secretary
–3rd Tues of month: Monthly meeting
–by 30th approve minutes of meeting

–Spokesperson for Guild on radio, TV, conferences
–Spearhead projects of importance to Guild–find a project head with Committee Coordinator
–In Secretary’s absence, creates and distributes agenda for monthly meeting

nominees: Open
–handles Guild correspondence as needed and forwards to appropriate parties
–Post on the forums
–third week of month: attend monthly meeting
–Post on CWG Blog
–Works with Secretary to run elections
–in absence of Secretary, takes minutes for the meeting
–as directed by President: writes article for Inside CWG on status of the Guild

Nominees: Dave Law
–post on forums
–Post on CWG Blog
–by 5th: meets with President to determine agenda
–by 10th: send out the agenda to officers with reminder of meeting time and date and phone conference instructions
–2 days before meeting: sends second reminder of time, date and Google/Skype instructions
–third week: attends monthly meeting; takes minutes
–Monday of fourth week: sends minutes to President for approval
–by Thursday of fourth week: posts approved minutes in forum
Fall: Sets up Elections:
–September: make announcement that elections are in November–set up or get webmistress to set up forum so people can announce candidacy
–October: send out 2 announcements that nominations are starting for elections
–Oct 23-Oct 31: Prepare for election: send newsletter announcement to all members and set up forum polls
–First part of Nov nominate members, post, discuss
–last part of Nov elections

Nominees: Ann Lewis
–posts on forums
–Updates membership list:
— Checks PayPal for new membership fees payments – make sure eChecks have cleared.
— Receives info from Ann on checks she receives & deposit in CWG bank account
— Balance/ reconcile CWG check book
— Receive request for payments & reimbursements and write checks
— Keep updated & accurate records of all CWG financial transactions

–Prepare treasurer report for meeting
–attend meeting
–transfers money from PayPal to bank account as needed
–Post on CWG Blog
— Prepare Quarterly Financial Statements – Income Statement & Balance Sheet –
and present them to CWG’s board/officers
— Prepare Year End Financial Statements – Income Statement & Balance Sheet –
and present them to CWG’s board/officers
— Prepare or find a preparer for the Tax return, and insure its timely filling w/ IRS
— Prepare and file the “Business identity report” w/ the State of Indiana

nominees: Karina Fabian
–posts on forums
Twice a month:
–Contact committee heads regularly to check on their progress and see if they need any help from officers
–Second and Fourth weeks: either send one-line updates on projects with forum link to secretary for the “forum blast”

–Get each committee head to send a monthly report to CWG insider summarizing progress on their project DUE TO CWG INSIDER EDITOR BY third Monday of the month.
–Attends meeting
–Post on CWG Blog

God bless all of you,
Ellen Gable Hrkach,
Vice President, Catholic Writers’ Guild

About Ellen Gable Hrkach

Ellen Gable Hrkach is an award-winning, Amazon bestselling author. Her five books have been downloaded over 620,000 times on Kindle. Currently, she works as the Marketing Director for Live the Fast, a non-profit Roman Catholic apostolate based in Boston. She does freelance writing and editing for a variety of other websites, she blogs at "Plot Line & Sinker" and is also self-publishing book consultant and a publisher. She and her husband are the parents of five sons ages 16 to 28 and live in Pakenham, Ontario. In her spare time, Ellen enjoys playing board games with her family, watching classic movies on TCM and reading on her Kindle.
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