The Insider CWG Newsletter – Writing and Promo Opportunities


Do you want to be an “insider”? Then why not contribute to “Inside the Guild”?

“Inside the Guild” or “The Insider” is the monthly Catholic Writers Guild newsletter that all members receive.

We are currently seeking entries for various sections of the newsletter:

MEMBER HIGHLIGHT – This section is open to members who are published writers. It consists of a short 6-7 question interview in which the author shares insights about their writing process and ‘plugs in’ their book. As the highlighted member you can also provide links to your book and website.

GOT BLOG? – This section is open to any member with a blog. The section consist of a short bio and description of the blog, along with links to the blog.

WRITER TO WRITER – This section needs short 250-500 word articles about writing. The themes are pretty open as long as it refers to writing. For example: character building, plots, editing process, inspiration, faith and writing, publishing process. Anything you would like to share with new and seasoned writers.

SAINTS FOR WRITERS – This section needs short articles on the life of a saint and how they are a role model for writers.

SUBMISSION CORNER – If you know of any publication looking for material, please let us know and we’ll include it in the newsletter.

All submissions are due by the 7th of each month. Send all submissions, ideas and comments to and you will receive a response within 5 days.

Currently we are unable to pay for submissions. Nevertheless consider submitting to The Insider a notch in your writing resume.

Our newsletter is for the benefit of all members, new and seasoned writers. Please share your writing gifts!

Thank you!!


Maria M. Rivera, Editor-in-Chief

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