We Catholics are not a threat to anyone—or are we?

After President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton made a video apologizing  for a 13-minute video trailer that offended the vast Muslim world, it dawned on me that maybe we Catholics are the ones who deserve an apology. At about the same time they were spreading their apologies, the “PissChrist” exhibit was going back on display in midtown Manhattan. This nifty work of art was created by the “renowned artist” Andres Serrano. Yeah, this guy is famous  for using urine and feces in his “art”. Remember his exhibit of a statue Our Dearest Mother Mary on a pedestal in a Brooklyn museum, covered in his feces? How absolutely depraved. I was not only deeply offended, I was sickened by this. But, it was okay. This kind of thing is protected by our First Amendment.The National Endowment for the Arts funds this man and his art. Common decency and a smattering of respect for others never enters into the equation.

I am, just like you are, among those that total  one third of the world’s population—a Christian. Not only  a Christian, but a Catholic Christian, and there are over a billion of us. So tell me, my brothers and sisters in Christ, where is our apology? Shouldn’t we get one? How come our beliefs can be mocked and defiled and laughed at whenever someone feels like it?  How come our guy, JESUS CHRIST, who we BELIEVE is the Messiah and the Son of God, can have His name publicly reviled, His mission lampooned, and His very existence taken to secular courts in the quest to have Him eradicated from the public square? Where is our apology for demeaning our very core beliefs?

Oh–is it because we are peace loving folks? Folks who turn the other cheek? Folks who forgive others? Of course it is. We are not  about to blow you up or slit your throats. We are not a threat to anyone. Or—are we?  Jesus went about teaching love and peace and forgiveness. What happened to Him? The powers that be feared Him, so they tortured and killed Him. We are His followers. What should we expect, hugs and kisses?

With all of these things going on, I find it quite interesting that the majority of Catholics  (according to the latest polls) are going to vote for President Obama. The USCCB  is united in its attempt to stop the HHS Mandate. The bishops have asked for our support. They had the Fortnight for Freedom that ended on July 4. They have issued prayer requests repeatedly. Like it or not, our entire faith system is under attack. How come so many Catholics are not responding? Don’t they care? I have a gut feeling that they don’t. I cannot believe I just wrote that previous sentence. ————I just spent a few minutes re-reading that sentence. I’m leaving it right where it is. Pretty sad.



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2 Responses to We Catholics are not a threat to anyone—or are we?

  1. Very good points. I believe Michael Voorhis, at ChurchMilitantTV has it right when he says the Church needs the Bishops to speak out more strongly. In prior centuries when heresies were taught the Church used its right of Excommunication. We have pseudo Catholic organizations changing the hearts and minds of the faithful with the mantra of the common good. When they in fact support abortion and gay rights. We have allowed intrinsically evil to coexist alongside intrinsically good in many Catholics minds. We justify the means to the end since so many other goods exist.

  2. It is very disheartening when we compare are treatment as and portrayal of Catholics in the political and media realms especially compared to other religions. Why are we so attacked? Well, here’s the truth of it: we have the One, True Faith. The Catholic Church was started by Jesus Christ, not someone “inspired” by God but God Himself. And because of that, Satan hates the Catholic Church and all it stands for…so of course all his demons will set their sights upon the Church, trying to pull it down with all their lies and wicked ways.
    We must realize, at the same time, that the battle has already been won through Christ’s Resurrection. Always remember that the Holy Spirit guides Christ’s bride, the Church, and “the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”.
    So what are we to do? How are we to “turn the other cheek”? I think that statement–to turn the other cheek–is often misinterpreted (I know I have, for years, thought incorrectly). “To turn the other cheek” is in no way a call to be a pacifist or a doormat. One turns the other cheek when one stands firmly in one’s position and, therefore, is slapped upon the other cheek because he will not yield. No matter how many times he is slapped, he stands faithful to his principles, to God.
    So stand your ground, rooted in one’s Catholic faith and identity, and take up one’s weapon–the Rosary–for the battle is a spiritual one. Pray and fast and then pray some more!