Shop the CWG!

We have a bookstore!  In time for your holiday gift needs, please take a look at the Catholic Writers Guild bookstore, hosted by Amazon. When you shop through the CWG link, a portion of the sale helps support the CWG.


I know you want to thank somebody, so please direct your praise towards Joan Y. Edwards, who loaded the bulk of the books into the store.  Thank you thank you thank you Joan!

And as our new Seal of Approval titles come out each quarter, Carol Ann Chybowski from the SOA team has bravely stepped forward as our new shopkeeper.  You can keep her busy by writing and submitting more great Catholic books.


I have a few favorite titles stocked in the store, and I’m not adverse to posting my own book reviews.  But if you’ve read and enjoyed a book stocked in the CWG bookstore and would like to review it on the blog, please submit your review to blog @

About Jennifer Fitz

Jennifer Fitz is the author of Classroom Management for Catechists. She writes on religion at her Patheos blog, Sticking the Corners.
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5 Responses to Shop the CWG!

  1. Anne Faye says:

    Awesome! Thank you!

  2. Ok, I’m new, and I know this sounds kinda dorky but…I would really like to have a CWG tshirt or totebag etc. I was a little dissappointed none were offered. Sigh.

  3. How do I list “Hawk Dancer” on the CWG store? The paperback (2nd edition) has the SOA and is available via Amazon. I’d like it to be listed on the CWG’s Amazon page as well if it helps support the CWG.

    • Br. Joshua,

      Thank you for catching that! I’ve added your book under the ‘fiction’ category.

      In the meantime, here’s a direct link to your book:

      You can use that link in signature lines, on your web page, and so forth, as a way to make it easier for friends and fans to find your work.

      FYI, Carol Ann is working now on reorganizing the store so that it is easier for shoppers to find books. Amazon gives us only a very limited set of options on set-up, but what she’s going to do is break down the genres — so that rather than all fiction being lumped together, there will be “fantasy” “romance” “mysteries”, etc., and thus fewer books on each page.