What’s the Buzz??

Thanks to all who made Catholics Communicate Christ #1 on Free Friday! Now, I have a question for you….did you buzz it up, pass it on, like it, love it, link it, or encourage someone else to get a copy?

CCC would make a great stocking stuffer! Your local Catholic college needs fifty copies to give student writers! Someone who follows your blog aspires to be like you, and needs your encouragement to WRITE! It’s practically an infomercial for the Guild, and a third of all funds raised (plus $1 per copy downloaded for free,or sold to me) will get back to the Guild as cash for improving our website!! Attracting more members means more funds for this great cause. Can you help?

If I set up another free day, would you like to do a giveaway for your blog audience?

Here’s another way to help:  there are excerpts posted, with questions for discussion. Anyone who reads may answer, but my hope is that Guild members will take some time to ‘plant’ pithy  advice and mentor-ly wisdom there for anyone who comes looking. Your links to your own blogs, resources, and books are welcome there. If there have been posts on the Guild blog that helped you, it would be great for you to mention them and link back!  I see it as an outpost where someone might get a taste of the warm helpfulness of Guild members I noticed at the Conference. THANKS to those who have already contributed.

My gift to you: I’ve accumulated a long list of good, annual Catholic conferences you might want to go to. Wouldn’t it be great if we had a Guild member reporting from (and being inspired at!) every major Catholic conference in the country?? These will be good speaking opportunities for members promoting their books. Whoever goes can network there on behalf of the Guild! Who knows, maybe someday we’ll even have a Guild press pass to get our ‘reporters’ in free.

Please comment on ways to give away your writing – here.

Please comment on what gets in the way of your writing – here.

Please comment on the fears that keep you from moving forward – here.

Please comment on what needs to be written, and where you get ideas – here.

Please comment on the support that’s available for Catholic writers – here.

Please share your best practices and resources for getting organized – here.

Please comment on what makes you strong, and how you balance core responsibilities while extending yourself to give through writing – here.

Please share what motivates you to write and helps you take your writing seriously – here.

Please buy a Kindle copy, or a print copy of Catholics Communicate Christ – How to Serve the Church as a Writer.

Another gift to you: a growing collection of Catholic Writers Guidelines in free, downloadable pdfs.

Interested in why I did this?? Check out Brendan’s interview at mycatholicblog.com. While you’re there, consider asking him to interview you about your book!

The beggar is the protagonist of all history – Fr. Luigi Giussani

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2 Responses to What’s the Buzz??

  1. You certainly get Catholic writers excited and motivated! Thank you!.

    I read “Catholics Communicate Christ” too quickly and am now going through it with more deliberation. Writing has never been about making money, but like you and many others, I am just trying to obediently respond to promptings placed in my heart. I give God credit for any value that may found in that which I write.

    I would certainly do a giveaway of your book on my blog. I look forward to followign your advice.

    Thanks for helping reignite the fire in our writing hearts!