Absolutely Everything is Relative by Dennis P. McGeehan

Many modern day politicians, pundits, philosophers and propagandists insist that everything is relative. Any person who insists that something is absolutely true or false, right or wrong is either bigoted, biased or basically a buffoon.

Moral relativity encompasses religion, science, life style, personal behavior and political theory. All relativists agree and demand that all truths are absolutely relative.

Relativists wax poetically about how wonderful it is when people of different creeds and orientations live together in harmony. The harmony exists as long as everyone agrees not to disagree. So in an absolute way every relativist dictates that all must adhere to their Creed.

Warm fuzzy feelings about the splendor of diversity are nourished in the vacuum tube of intolerance. No idea of any absolute truth is allowed to breathe the fresh air of certitude. Dissenting ideas of absolute truth are stamped out, vilified and lampooned. Tolerance is only proffered to those who assent to the group think. The totally tolerant are absolutely intolerant of those who choose to think or speak differently. Absolutists are refused the respect demanded to all by the relativist, while at the same time being called disrespectful by the relativist.

And so we have reached the point in our civilization where all life is worthy of recognition unless it is inconvenient in some way, all knowledge is equal unless it gets in the way of the agenda. Those absolutely guilty of the worst crimes against humanity are made paragons of virtue to be emulated by those who pray and work for the rights of the weakest. Those whose agenda is to eliminate people they deem unworthy of life are hailed by their victims as saviors.

An insane person is certain their reality is true. An absolute relativist would be OK with an insane person’s reality. Just don’t let real reality be discussed, that’s hate speech.

CWG member Dennis P. McGeehan is the author of Selecting the Best Martial Art Class for Your Child, now available as a Kindle e-book.


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