Catholic Arts and Letters Award SOA Deadline January 31st

A quick note from Michelle Buckman, who runs the Catholic Arts and Letters Award:

If you want to enter your novel (or e-book) published in 2011 or 2012 in the Catholic Arts and Letters Award (CALA), you MUST enter it for the SOA. The last deadline for the Seal of Approval (SOA) that will still allow you to enter the CALA is January 31st. Don’t delay. Get your book entered today!

Seal of Approval:

CALA entry:


Michelle Buckman

Good luck!

And some award-related tax trivia: In browsing the IRS website to confirm that this is indeed a deductible business expense for writers (marketing costs associated with promoting your book), I didn’t find an explicit answer, but did find out that if anyone places wagers on the outcome of the CALA, yes, the income is taxable.  Since tax season is upon us, anyone have a favorite resource for tax guidelines for writers?

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