Meet the Member — Arthur Powers

Arthur Powers has had a busy–and successful–year!

Arthur recently took over as the interim editor of  The website is being revamped and is expected to relaunch in January.

His collection of short stories, A Hero For The People, published by Press 53 (a highly-respected literary press here in North Carolina), is scheduled for March.  His short novel, The Book of Jotham, (also from Press 53) won the 2012 Tuscany Novella Award and will be available early next year.

Arthur’s fiction appears in a number of publications, including Catholic Flash Fiction, Prime Number, Pure Francis, St. Katherine Review, and Bibliotekos’ forthcoming anthology: Puzzles of Faith and Patterns of Doubt.  His poetry will appear in The Apple Valley Review (nominated for a Puschcart Prize) and The Main Street Rag.

He also had the opportunity to lead a fiction workshop at the CWG online conference last spring.  He was delighted to see several of his students published – two of them have stories appearing in the forthcoming Tuscany Press short story anthology.  He’s also had an opportunity to work with the staff of Dappled Things on various projects.