Blogging through Lent

Yes, I will keep blogging through Lent. Just like last year. And the year before. And the year before that. And…well, you see where this is going.

And, just like last year, I think it’s worth bringing up here.

Many people in the Catholic blogosphere give up blogging or other social media for Lent. Though I’ve never done it for Lent, I have had blogging and social media fasts/breaks for shorter periods, and it’s been a fruitful experience.

I think a fast of some sort from online interactions is a healthy thing. Whether it happens at Lent or at another point during the year, it’s something to consider.

Will you give up blogging and/or social media this year for Lent?

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7 Responses to Blogging through Lent

  1. I continue to blog and use social media during Lent, primarily because I want to publish updates on the English Catholic martyrs during that season, post sermons and prayers from English Catholic authors and poets, and use facebook and twitter to link to those blog posts! Also, I need to continue promoting the English Catholic Martyrs Pilgrimage this September!

  2. My blog is my apostolate and contribution to the New Evangelization so I will not stop blogging during Lent. My posts automatically go to Twitter and Facebook, but I am not otherwise active in social media – probably a no-no for most writers but not for me. I will continue to research for the book I’m writing and for my blog posts.

  3. I will continue to blog, and my actual goal is to do so each day of Lent, adding recipes, thoughts, prayers, and even photos to honor my mother’s Polish heritage because the best memories for me are those associated with the smells from my Busha’s basement on the east side of Detroit.

  4. Ann Seeton says:

    I will continue online as before. However, I have begun adding some limits to my online time in order to keep it within reasonable bounds. These are intended to keep my focus on ALL aspects of my vocation. We all know how much time social media can soak up, and so my schedule has been tuned to limit online.

    My schedule and my to-do lists are my friends!

  5. Anne Faye says:

    I do a computer break to help keep the Sabbath holy. I’m offline from 4 pm Saturday to Sunday at 6 pm. It is a huge mental break! As for Lent, while I respect that some people give it up, some of us need to keep the New Evangelization going, and using social media and blogging is my job!

  6. While others are taking a Lenten break from blogging, I’m blogging nearly every day of the season! This is our family’s second year blogging a pre-VII style meatless Lent. This year we’ve added the challenge of solidarity with the working poor: feed five people on $90/week, and dinners must be prepared in 20 minutes or less. Last year’s challenge was difficult but rewarding, and this year’s challenge has already taught me so much about how rich we really are.