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Happy Thursday Everyone!  It’s time for a quick round-up of this week’s newly discovered  Opportunities for Writers

Avon Romance has announced “Impulse” a great new epublishing house under their label.  I’ve done a lot of snooping around for good deals to new authors, and I have to say this one is on my Golden list! Even if Romance is not your genre , it is worth taking a look here: http://www.avonromance.com/impulse/.    To me, it sounds like a great way for Avon’s gatekeepers to slog thru some Slush reading and find their own new Stars …sort of a virtual Hollywood Soda Shop for writers.  Their primary focus is Romance, but as you will see in their FAQ area, they are very open to all sorts of full length submissions.

I am always on the look-out for local, regional and big-time opportunities for all members of the Catholic Writers Guild.  If you have a tip that you would like to share, please email me at:

Kassie Ritman CWG @ G mail .com 

(You know the drill, type it all in without spaces and then no one gets spammed :)

Have a Great and Creative Week Everyone!

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2 Responses to Opportunities for Writers

  1. Thanks for the headsup. While romance is not what I read or write I will consider this opportunity.

  2. KassieRitman says:

    Definitely give this a good look. When I started reading the Q&A section, I couldn’t believe how wide they’ve cast their nets. They are even open to reading non-fiction thru this portal. I really do think it’s a super opportunity!

    Added note: don’t wait too long, there’s no telling when this door will close :)