We Call Her “Holy MOTHER Church”–When the Day is Done Remember That MOTHER Knows Best

The vacated Papacy has thrust  Catholics the world over  smack-dab into the middle of an awe-inspiring, historical time in the 2000 year-old life of the church. Most Catholics will stand on the side-lines watching. But we here at the CWG proclaim to be Catholic writers. As writers, do we have an extra special  responsibility to Holy Mother Church during this historic time? I think we do.

I think we must sharpen our swords (in our case, pencils) and get ready. As the College of Cardinals prepares to meet in conclave to elect a new Pope, the anti-Catholic mainstream media will be inviting the world to their banquet of over-baked, sauteed, raw and stale vitriol disguised and wrapped in virtuous secularism. As Catholic writers, it may be time to dump a bunch of baking soda on their main course while feeding our readers giant tablets of Alka-Seltzer to help them digest what they have already swallowed.

I understand that we have EWTN and the National Catholic Register, and many straight up Catholic defenders of the faith.  Many of us here at the CWG  defend and promote the faith via posting commentary and blogging. Maybe we should add our smaller voices to the bigger voices more often, and with more fervor. Maybe we need to add some exclamation points to the words we pen. Then maybe more people will hear such things as  how the Catholic Church is the greatest and most prolific helper of the poor, sick, and needy that the world has ever seen.  Or how abortion, gay marriage, the ordination of women, birth-control and divorce are secular issues promoted by a secular world.

This world, which includes many who call themselves ‘catholic’, has become defiant and hateful toward the Church. Why?  Because  the church is in the forefront of establishing boundaries that support signs in bold letters that say  “NO”. (A synonym for “NO” might be MORALITY, a word almost anathema to a secular world). The many who are self-indulged scream out, “How dare you tell me NO! I’m not bothering you, so mind your own damn business. I just want to be a Catholic and have my own rules and do what I think is right.”  

It doesn’t work like that. The Church has always had her moral code in place. It is nothing new.  There were some who, while hiding inside the Church behind their clerical garb, violated their sacred vows. This does not make the Church “bad” or “out of touch” with the world it is a part of.  The Church failed in protecting many, especially children. But she accepted responsibility and has cleaned house. Over the 2000 years of her history there have been dark episodes. How many canonized saints were actually put to death by so called “Catholics”?  But we must not forget that men ran the church and men are always fallible*. Hiding behind their clerical garb and using their positions of trust  to satisfy their  desires was reprehensible. Greed and the thirst for power are also strong aphrodisiacs, and many have succumbed to this potion. But the Church always survived and still does.

Christ taught us to love our neighbor and to forgive each other. That’s it. The whole enchilada has two main ingredients, love and forgiveness. Where do we find these ingredients? We look at the Risen Christ, it all comes from Him. What a beautiful thing it is.  Too bad so many let their inflated pride smother it inside themselves.

So  sharpen your pencils,  fill your pens, and be prepared to counter the all-out, verbal onslaught by the secular experts who know nothing or care nothing about our faith. What they care about is being told “NO” to what they want.  The deem the Church outdated and out of touch with the “mainstream” of today. And that is why they hate her. She will not give in to them.

The Catholic Church is the “Bride of Christ” and we call her, “Holy MOTHER Church”. The Holy Spirit  guides her. St. Joseph protects her. We need to follow their lead and defend and refute the slurs, accusations, lies, innuendo, and false rumors that are continually fired at her by those who are filled with their own sense of imagined omnipotence.   We have the opportunity to participate in the upcoming battle. We should all try our  best to to join in the fray. When the day is done MOTHER  knows best.

*The Pope proclaims infallibly only when speaking about faith & morals Ex-Cathedra

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2 Responses to We Call Her “Holy MOTHER Church”–When the Day is Done Remember That MOTHER Knows Best

  1. Don Mulcare says:


    That is a “heck-raiser” of an essay. Nice going!

    I’d like the fans of the church to say “yes” rather than “no.” Think of all the wonderful things the church does, often without notice. Catholic Relief Services is among the first on the scene to offer assistance when disaster strikes in foreign lands. Catholic Charities, our Diocesan Social Services and our schools provide assistance to all. Catholics were among the first to offer shelter and care to the victims of HIV-AIDS. The church lives up to its calling to love God and love our neighbors as ourselves.

    The church is the Body of Christ and we are its members. Too many identify the Church with the hierarchy. They forget that vast lay membership that keeps the faith alive. Some of us, including some of the clergy may look like blemishes on that body, but the Body of Christ remains strong. We who believe in the Body of Christ also hope in its ultimate victory. Let’s confidently love the church, especially as others attack it. Let’s proclaim its undeniable contributions to the entire planet.

    God Bless,


  2. KassieRitman says:

    Beautiful, thank you Don!