CWG Prayer Chain Post: June 10, 2013

The CWG Prayer Chain Post is a weekly post for members to include their special intentions by adding a comment.

Psalms 30:2, 4, 5-6, 11, 12, 13

Yahweh, my God, I cried to you for help and you healed me. Make music for Yahweh, all you who are faithful to him, praise his unforgettable holiness. His anger lasts but a moment, his favour through life; In the evening come tears, but with dawn cries of joy. Carefree, I used to think, ‘Nothing can ever shake me!’ You have turned my mourning into dancing, you have stripped off my sackcloth and clothed me with joy. So my heart will sing to you unceasingly, Yahweh, my God, I shall praise you for ever.

The power of prayer and the power of people praying.


A Prayer For a Family

O dear Jesus,
I humbly implore You to grant Your special graces to our family.
May our home be the shrine of peace, purity, love, labor and faith.
I beg You, dear Jesus, to protect and bless all of us, absent and present, living
and dead.

O Mary,
loving Mother of Jesus,
and our Mother,
pray to Jesus for our family,
for all the families of the world,
to guard the cradle of the newborn,
the schools of the young and their vocations.

Blessed Saint Joseph,
holy guardian of Jesus and Mary,
assist us by your prayers
in all the necessities of life.
Ask of Jesus that special grace
which He granted to you,
to watch over our home
at the pillow of the sick and the dying,
so that with Mary and with you,
heaven may find our family unbroken
in the Sacred Heart of Jesus.


Please leave a comment with your intention. If you have problems adding an intention, email it to Mike Hays at coachhays(at)gmail(dot)com and I will add it.  God bless.

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7 Responses to CWG Prayer Chain Post: June 10, 2013

  1. Don Mulcare says:

    Come Holy Spirit, fill the heats of the faithful. Enkindle in them the fire of your Divine Love, and you shall renew the face of the Earth.

  2. John Callahan says:

    please pray that my wife Jane, return to Jesus and the Church.

  3. May Jesus give His Peace and Joy that surpass all understanding to all families that are suffering in any way. Amen

  4. Erin Pascal says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful prayer! I pray that peace and harmony is present in every family all around the world. I also pray that Jesus is the center of every family’s home keeping them safe and showering them with blessings. Amen.

  5. MikeHays says:

    Please ask your prayer chains to pray for Jan Staples, wife of the late Walt Staples, and their daughter, Mary. Her mom Jan went into care for Alzheimers and it was recently decided she won’t be coming home. Mary is just overwhelmed with grief and doesn’t know what she’s going to do or where she will live. She is with relatives at the moment.

    (Request sent from Karina Fabian)