May Blog Round-Up

Welcome to the Guild’s May Blog Round-Up. Please visit these posts to get to know your fellow Guild members.

Melanie Rigney asks a thought-provoking question about the way of holiness…who’s way is the best….which way is yours?

Margaret Realy writes beautifully of a Franciscan encounter with a ladybug….was this ever ‘our lady’s bug’ a la ‘lady’s mantle’ and ‘lady’s slipper’ ??

Ellen Gable Hrkach writes of her ‘sacramental pilgrimage’….if this doesn’t get you busy designing your own pilgrimage, what will?? Fr. Barron would be delighted by this, as he’s convinced we Catholics need, need, need more of these real, physical, enactments of our faith….I’m mulling over my version of this….

Michael Seagriff challenges our complacency

My post got a boost when someone linked it to New Advent…over 1200 people have viewed this frank discussion of a ‘Woman Down‘!

Nancy Ward shares a poignant story about a man who sings through his pain…would love to have heard this, her description is so evocative! C.S. Lewis said life’s finest wine flows from the press of pain.

I hope all you Guild bloggers will send me the link to your favorite June post by July 1 for next month’s edition. Watch this space on the 19th for  a bunch of great info about writing for online Catholic venues!


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  1. Regarding comment left by Kassie Ritman on my blog. I responded to you there: I’d love to arrange with your book club to read Bread Upon the Water. email me and we can talk about Thanks for contacting me and for this opportunity.