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Here’s the scoop on writing for some of the well-known, Church-loving online Catholic sites. I’m hoping these editors get some great submissions after this post, and notice that the CATHOLIC WRITERS GUILD sent them!! I’m leaving in the names of the non-responders, not to embarrass them (ok, not too much!) but so you’ll know where I tried. If you have connections with these other sites, please let me know and I’ll follow up with More Online Venues when we have info from them. [ For a printable version of this article, click here.]

IgnitumToday – 14-39 year-old Writers; vibrant site; not currently accepting submissions, but they have a wait list of writers so contact them to be on it

Catholic Lane – Very welcoming, editorials of 400-1000 words, query common/hot topics, otherwise send in the article itself

Ignatius Insight – Editor Carl Olson says, “Insight has become a bit more of an aggregate-type site, with links to CWR, Homiletic & Pastoral Review (HPR), and pieces about Ignatius Press books and news that might appear on the Insight Scoop blog or other places. I do accept unsolicited pieces for Ignatius Insight, preferably pieces related to an Ignatius Press book or author, but Insight does not offer any compensation for pieces. Authors are welcome to send me ( ideas they might have, or unpublished pieces they think might be of interest.”

Catholic World Report – Editor Carl Olson says, “CWR is able to offer compensation for pieces and I do welcome and consider unsolicited articles. My preference is for pieces that are news-oriented, or “hard news”, as well as interviews or reviews, usually 1500-2500 words in length. Authors can get a good sense of CWR’s focus and approach by visiting Potential authors are welcome to send me examples of published work, as well as story ideas and related questions.  I will also consider opinion essays, but there is plenty of opinion to be had, so such pieces are less likely to be of interest to CWR.”

Homiletic and Pastoral Review – See a pdfwith their guidelines.

Fr. Merconi says, “We take submissions but we cannot pay and the turnaround time is usually a year.  We publish only essays helpful for clerics, esp. re preaching styles or basic Catholic doctrine and apologetics.  Blessings on your writing apostolate.”

Catholic Online Editor Arturo Marquez says, “Catholic Online is always seeking writers that are moved by the Spirit and we welcome article submissions.

All of our content contributors use our centralized management system called the HUB.  The first thing would be for each interested writer to create their HUB account. When they submit their articles have them identify themselves as coming from the Catholic Writers Guild.
– All submissions are reviewed.
– Thereafter articles are published at the Editor in Chiefs discretion.
Our Editor in Chief is Deacon Keith Fournier.

If a writer would like to get more deeply involved with the Catholic Online writing team, once again at the Editor in Chiefs discretion, they are able to join the Catholic Online Writers Circle which meets on a phone conference Friday mornings.”  He attached a pdf explaining more about the HUB – click here for a copy.

Catholic Answers – No Response

New Advent – Kevin Knight says, “I’m always interested in linking to new writers. Although I’m not currently set up to post the material myself, I can link to any blog or website. I post about twenty stories each day, on average. When a writer posts something that merits special consideration for inclusion on New Advent, they can simply contact me at and I’ll take a look.”

{By the way, a friend brought a post of mine to New Advent’s attention and their link brought over 1200 views to Woman Down! That PR has started some seriously healing discussions in Kansas, so thanks, Kevin!!!}

 Tuscany Press – looking for book reviewers (new books and old!) and contributors for the ‘Catholic Imagination and You’ section of the monthly Catholic fiction review site newsletter.

Catholic Net – No Response ; Catholicity – No Response

Catholic Business Journal – Must be a seasoned, professional writer who is familiar with AP Styleguide and accustomed to being edited if needed.  Topics: Breaking business news and Business issues of the day, with a Catholic perspective.  Include a one-sentence byline with your submission.  Length: No longer than 800 words.  Any submissions must have “SUBMISSION” in the subject line and be emailed to  Compensation is in Heaven.

Culture Wars – Accepting new material. Send all submissions to E. Michael Jones at

Godspy – Currently inactive, hoping to relaunch next year

The Integrated Catholic Life – By invitation only

Catholic Exchange – “All editorial submissions (articles) should be sent as Word documents attached to an email to One article per email. If it is your first submission, please include a brief author’s blurb for us to put at the end of the article. If you think we may already have a topic covered, contact us in advance. If it is time-sensitive, say so in the subject line and try to submit your piece two weeks before the pertinent date. If your piece has already appeared in another publication (print or online), please obtain permission from the original publisher and let us know so we can properly credit them. We don’t have precise word count limits, but a good rule of thumb would be to to keep between 500-800 for opinion pieces and 1000 for feature stories. All articles are edited.”

Save a life! Submit your glad-I-chose-life story to Letters From the Womb, and encourage readers to value the lives of unborn babies!! A book will be created from the letters, so check their site for details. Get out your tissues if you read through these stories!

Look also at your Diocesan Online News to see if they are open to submissions from local yokels. Some of these sites are real players in the online game! (Great Examples: Denver, San Antonio, Indianapolis)

[For a Printable Version of this article, click here.]

Please don’t forget that I’m collecting info on Writers Guidelines for Catholic markets at Catholics Communicate Christ. I’d really appreciate it if you’d help fill in the missing pieces.

What online opportunities are we missing?

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  1. Chris Peden says:


    Thanks for posting this. As a new writer, I am always looking for new places to submit articles. This is very helpful!


  2. As a Senior Editor at, I’m very happy to see our site in this list!