Round-up With A Twist

Don’t miss the twist!

Ok, Guild Bloggers, here’s the last Member Blog Round Up! (See why, see The Twist, and see the Next Thing, below.)

Michael Seagriff shares a truly beautiful idea for ministry kids can take up with ease. (This story has it’s own twist…please do check it out!)

Monica McConkey teaches how to make adorable wooden saints. I can imagine kids playing with these and remembering bits of each saint’s life story. I might just make a few for the little people in my life!

Nancy Ward manages to get a love story, a conversion story and a war story into an ongoing story of a great book study. Top that!

Erin McCole-Cupp shares good advice on pitching a novel (and one so hopes her pitch at the LIVE CWG Conference went well!!).


Yours Truly plugs a lifesaving new pro-life project that is Charlotte’s New and Beautiful Adventure!

Now, here’s why I’m thinking I’ll not do Member Blog Round-up for the foreseeable future: we aren’t getting the participation I anticipated.  Here’s The Twist:

Just as I decided to call it quits, I discovered (or, was discovered by?) George Sipe’s New Evangelists Monthly, which is an add-your-link compendium of blog posts by…..drumroll please…..faithful Catholic bloggers! So, why duplicate success? Go add your link each month, and we’ll try some new ways to get Guild Members to build each other’s buzz here.

That brings us to The Next Thing. Here’s what I want to know: Are you writing book reviews? I’d like to a) develop a list of Guild Members who do reviews and b)check out what you’re reviewing and c) use my first Wednesday post for a Member Review Round-up. SO, on  your calendar, place the following to-dos:

1. Each month, write one or more book reviews (and don’t forget how much your fellow Guild Members would like to be reviewed!).

2. By the Monday that precedes the first Wednesday of each month, send me the link to your favorite review (send to charoster ‘at’ yahoo ‘dot’ com). That link should be to the actual review. If it’s in a magazine and they don’t have it online, send a one-sentence, “So-and-so reviewed Such-and-such for Whatever-Mag, Volume-or-Edition-#” just so we’ll hear about it.

Meanwhile, check out and share this month’s Member Blogs to thank those who contributed! Thank YOU, by the way, for reading and responding.


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3 Responses to Round-up With A Twist

  1. Charlotte, I wish you weren’t discontinuing this project here at the guild. Nothing wrong with the Convert Journal. It’s just that a gazillion people participate there and one is likely NOT to get read because of the sheer volume.

    A solution to the problem of non-participation would be to set up a CWG round-up group at Yahoo and use that to notify all CWG writers who sign up for the group to submit posts. RAnn of This That and the Other Thing does that for our Sunday Snippets meme. I am guilty of forgetting to participate in the roundup because I didn’t have a personal reminder to submit.

    Personally, I’d like to see the round-up continued here because I’m interested in reading CWG members’ posts and I think it would be good to have an exclusive CWG group round-up. Of course, people could submit to the Convert Journal as well if they wished, but I’m not all that excited about participating where I’m not that likely to be read.