The February, 2014 Report on the Activities and Needs of the CWG Committees

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Happy Saint Valentine’s Day!


A plea to all CWG committee chairpersons:


Please update your recent activities; projections and needs, especially opportunities for volunteers to assist your committee to meet its short and long term goals. You can use the comment section of this Blog or contact Don Mulcare on Facebook.



The Seal of Approval Committee (Sarah Reinhard) and the Catholic Writers Conference: Online Committee (Laura Lowder) have throttled-up their operations.

The excitement bubbles-over as SoA candidate-books travel to or have already reached their reviewers. Thanks to the committee members and all who have volunteered to review and facilitate. I’m sure all SoA submitters appreciate the tremendous effort of this immense committee.

CWCO Registration closed on 7 February 2014. About a third of the membership has registered. For more information (perhaps you wanted to volunteer) contact:
CWCO Calendar:
March 10-16 Chats
March 16: 8 pm-11 pm Eastern: St. Patty’s Day chat party!
March 15-21 Forums
March 17-21 Pitch Sessions (at publisher’s discretion)


The CWG reaches out to its 500+ members through diverse electronic carriers such as the CWG Blog, limited access Facebook venue, but no longer through Google. The good news is that the construction of a new CWG website has begun. When completed, the website will expand communications within the CWG.

Meanwhile, Karina Fabian continues to update the CWG Closed Facebook with something for everyone wrapped in its daily features including what we might call “Committees of One” and “The Committee of 500+.”
Dennis P. McGeehan, among his many other talents has begun his own Committee of One that features news of job opportunities. Thanks Dennis! Here are samples some of his recent posts:

For the non-fiction writer:

Any writers who are also into sewing, here is an opportunity:

Poets alert:

Michael R. Shelton, another Committee of One, regularly introduces new CWG members on Facebook. This affords new and existing members (The Committee of 500+) to interact and form personal and professional links. Whenever you see Mike Shelton’s smiling face on Facebook, be sure to look for the name of the new member and immediately send a greeting. Here are a few of Mike’s recent introductions:

Welcome, Neil Combs!

Welcome, Patti Murphy Dohn!

Welcome, Katie O’Keefe!




Thanks to all who have accepted positions on CWG committees, since last month’s invitation to volunteer. In addition to those committees named above, the directory below, cites committee names and contact persons. Many committee chairs need assistance. Think of all the help available if each of the 500+ members volunteered an average of one hour each week? (52 X 500/40) = 650 full time work weeks or 13 full-time employees (each with a 2 week vacation).


Partial Committee Directory  
Blog: Jen Fitz

CALA: Michelle Buckman

Catholic Book News: Ellen Gable Hrkach and Larry Peterson

Catholic Writers Conference Live: Which is about to spring into action… Ann Margaret Lewis

Educational Outreach: Dennis P. McGeehan

Newsletter—Inside the CWG: Maria Rivera

PR: Ellen Gable Hrkach

Retreat: (Seasonal) Ann Margaret Lewis

Zenit: Connie Clark


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