Hijacked, by Leslie Lynch


Hijacked launches a tantalizing series of suspenseful romances that awaken the readers’ own sense of treachery and terror hidden in their past. When “Jack” forced Lannis and her Cessna to do his bidding, he promised that he wouldn’t harm her, as if she had a choice. Who had more to fear from “Jack?” Lannis? Or her demons? Alienated from her family and living on the margin, Lannis teetered on the edge of oblivion. Her past held her by an invisible leash, frustrating her every attempt at escape, destroying her sense of worth. As their mutual attraction ignited, so did the hell locked in her memory. Would this become just another meaningless relationship adding to the weight of her mental baggage? Did Jack and his controlling ways open doors for Lannis, or lead her to an even darker dungeon?Leslie Lynch, not only an award-winning romance writer, but accomplished flyer lifts her readers in the ecstasy of flight with all its authentic details while grounding them in the darkness of both addiction and self-reproach. Lynch has raised the bar for suspense-romance novels. She promises a steady stream of well-crafted novels. I would recommend Hijacked to a wide audience of readers who may have asked themselves, “How could a loving God allow terrible things happen to vulnerable and innocent people?” There is plenty of steam in this romance, but there is more substance than vapor for the reader wishing to invest in a meaningful read. Congratulations to Leslie Lynch on this powerful take-off novel. I look forward to reading her two additional books ready to taxi toward their own climb into the stars.

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