January Member Round-Up

roundupThese posts from the December work of your fellow Guild Members need readers!

Kassie Ritman not only writes family history, but makes a compelling case that you should, too! Maybe the young moms around us would see more clearly that their day-to-day lives and insights and inspirations are tremendously valuable to their descendants’ sense of self, if only the older history keepers in each family set the bar high and get those priceless memories recorded. Grandma may have only had a typewriter and onion skin paper, but we’ve each got a whole printing press and library archive on our desktops! Follow Kassie’s series, and match her memory for memory, and you’ll soon have a link across time to strengthen your children’s children.

Nancy Ward dropped everything for this event! I dare you to read this and NOT share it with everyone you know who runs, or teaches in a school! What a great idea, and what a lovely post about it.

I’m trying to post poetry on Mondays, and this one was perfect for the anniversary of the 50 Million Names Project launch. Have you ever found it difficult to breathe in the midst of trials?? Here’s my response…one I frequently turn to. Does anyone else pray in poetry?

What was your own favorite post during January?? Send it to me for the next Round-up by Feb. 16.

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