June Round-Up

roundupI have a sneaking suspicion ya’ll think the Round-Up is for a small group of insiders, but you’re wrong!

This monthly collection is for all Guild Members who blog. Share your own best, or favorite, post from the prior month, and take a peek at the blogs of your fellow Members.

In June, Kassie Ritman, Nancy Ward, Michael Seagriff and yours truly (Charlotte Ostermann) showed how very various a writer’s blog can be.

On our blogs, we showcased the wise words of others, celebrated family history, took up a viral internet challenge, and got inspired by an iron man.

Please check these out, and put SEND ROUND-UP LINK on the second Monday of each month. We’d like to see what you’re writing, too!


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2 Responses to June Round-Up

  1. Can you put a reminder on the group Facebook page? I think a lot of our more active members see the Facebook posts. I am back in blog mode these days, and would like to contribute.

  2. Is this where you want the link to our June blogs? If so…