Review for Erin’s Ring by Laura Pearl



Erin’s Ring tells a short but inspiring tale of lives touched and shaped by their Catholic faith and Irish heritage in New England. Time separates the lives of many of the characters, but each struggles against their own hardships in the tumult of life at varying seasons.

Erin’s Ring contains wonderfully drawn scenes of Dover, New Hampshire at its youth and in its more recent years. The reader is immediately pulled into the setting, drawn by its descriptions and endeared by the characters.

The story unfolds with the finding of a lost Claddagh ring by Molly McCormick, the eldest of a large family. Attempting to find the owner of the ring, she becomes involved in learning about her new home—Dover. The ring leads her on an adventure that touches and affects other lives around her. Exciting and vivid, the reader is enticed to keep turning pages to encounter the outcome of the story.

Erin’s Ring, however, is more than simply fast-paced and exciting. It delves into deeper areas of the soul and explores the mystery of romance, life and relationships. I highly recommend this story as deeply inspirational as readers find themselves encouraged to persevere in a struggle against the toil of life while reaching for Heaven.

Teresa Frailey


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