Return to Paradise – by Tim Speer – YA Review



Return to Paradise relates five critical days in the life of a man named David Martin. In them, his courage, steadfastness and integrity are tried by an unusual experience. Seemingly quite by accident, he finds himself stranded in a small, rural town in Missouri on a trip to visit his family.

While forced to accept this inconvenience, he becomes acquainted with an underhanded situation that will cause foreclosures on many of the farms around this quaint country town. David must decide: Will he listen to a voice that tells him to do something to help these people, or will he ignore that inner urging and pass on, putting the place, and the girl he met there, out of his mind.

In Return to Paradise we are met with a situation that defines who David Martin is. We are shown that the courage to do God’s will is truly a gift. Return to Paradise is a love story that demonstrates the reality that true love is not a self-gratifying infatuation with someone, but the willingness to help that person even when our own best interest suffers.

This is a story worth reading. It reminds us that love is not always found in romantic places and situations, but can come at inconvenient times and under unlikely circumstances—and through God’s grace—it can change our lives forever.


Teresa Frailey

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