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We’re just a few days away from launching a brand new website. This is one outward sign, one first step, in what I hope is ongoing growth for our Guild. Our membership is increasing. Our visibility is increasing. And from my own limited perspective – and perhaps with some bias – I see our quality increasing.

These are, of course, the right directions to move in. But steering in the right direction sometimes puts you over a few bumps. They’ll happen, and I have faith in our ability to handle them.

I’m looking forward to speaking to everyone more, both at the live conference and by video, in the coming week. I want to tell you more about the state of the Guild, talk about our current and future projects, and I very much want to hear from you. But for now, I’ll focus on what you need to know about our new site:

For current members:

You should have received an email from me with information about Paypal accounts. When the site launches on Wednesday, you’ll be able to log in with your email address.  The first time you log in, you’ll need to click “Forgot my password” so you can set a new one.

On Wednesday, July 27, you can view a video (or attend live, if you’re at the Catholic Writers Conference) where we’ll launch the new site. Keep an eye on your email and on our Facebook group on Wednesday.

For visitors:

On the new site, you’ll find information about our conferences, awards, and members in a new, easier-to-navigate layout. And we’ll be adding even more in the coming months!

For those joining:

Starting on Wednesday, July 27, you’ll be able to join the Guild through the new website. Just click the Register button on the new site, and it will take you through everything. You can always contact us if you have any questions!

Thank you. I’ll have all of your intentions – our visitors, our readers, our members – in my prayers this coming week at the Catholic Writers Conference.

Christus Vincit!
Joe Wetterling

About Joe Wetterling

Joe Wetterling is a catechist, blogger, and an adult educator with over fifteen years of experience. His interests include philosophy, adult learning, instructional technology, and stoytelling/teaching by analogy. Joe lives in Moorestown, NJ with his wife and son. You can find him online at and at his two blogs: Ho Kai Paulos ( and The Baptized Imagination (
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