CWG Book Blast: “The Boys Upstairs,” by Jane Lebak

This month, the Catholic Writers’ Guild is touring Guildie Jane Lebak’s book,”The Boys Upstairs.” It is a SOA winner.

Teaser: With temperatures below zero, three homeless kids turn to a disabled priest & an embittered cop as their last hope.


Summary: Father Jay is a disabled priest who’s let the local homeless kids move into the unused rectory because it’s so cold. But three days before Christmas, Jay’s estranged brother, a cop, dumps three more kids on his doorstep. Now, in order to save the kids, Jay and Kevin are going to have to work together.  That means reconciling.

Special considerations: The next book in the series to be released before the end of the month.


Excerpt: After vesting but before starting the service, Jay knelt in the chilly church, in front of the tabernacle and tried to clear his mind. Too much Christmas clutter, he prayed. It’s hard to listen. It’s hard to keep focus.

Momentarily he felt a question: What is most important for the holiday? What does the Nativity mean? And then, What do you want for Christmas?

A dozen needs flooded Jay’s mind: all of those boys upstairs who distrusted the world, Tthe three little kids who’d rather be dead together than alive and apart. There was  Eddie and his yearning for a meaningful role in the world. On the other extreme,  Holly who would all but pay Jay a stipend trying to take care of him. There was his brother Kevin and all of his baggage, his anger and his brooding distances—and it was too much. There were so many more gaps. His parish needed so much. Fighting a war hadn’t sapped half as much out of him as St. Gus could on its busiest days.

Oh, God… Jay lowered his head to hide the nervous chuckle. All I asked for was an electric can-opener.

Bio: Jane Lebak talks to angels, cats, and her kids. Only the angels listen to her, but the kids talk back. She lives in the Swamp, writing books and knitting socks, with the occasional foray into violin-playing. You’ll also find her blogging at, a resource for writers seeking agents and small publishers.

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Tweet: Three homeless children. Two estranged brothers. One last chance.

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  1. Susan Peek says:

    I loved this book! A great read!