Blog FAQ’s

 For blog contact information, including the correct address for sidebar links, guest posts, and other submissions, look here.

I want to talk!  How do I post and read comments?  How do I participate in Sunday Night Live Chats?

I’m a blog contributor and can’t remember what day I’m supposed to write. Or I’m a reader who wants to know (approximately) what’s coming up on the blog. What is the Blog Schedule?

I’m not sure if my news is appropriate for this blog.  What exactly is “Member News”?

I’d like to write for the blog.  What are the blog submission guidelines?  I want to write well.  How should I edit my post before I submit?

I can’t think of a topic for my CWG blog post.  What could I write about?

Have a question that isn’t answered here?  Send an e-mail to: blog AT catholicwritersguild DOT com.  We’ll be glad to help!




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