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Before the Fall, by Noah Hawley

This #1 National Bestselling novel begins as Flight 613 lifts off the tarmac. Serious concerns plague more than half the travelers—concerns they set aside until after the hop from Martha’s Vineyard to Teterboro Airport in New Jersey. Sixteen minutes later … Continue reading

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Writers as Tour Guides

I’m involved in a project to organize a reading plan for students. It has made me aware, in a new way, of the value of the riches stored in my head from past reading. No machine could correlate a lifetime … Continue reading

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O Fortuna: Taverns, Tents, and Tabernacles

Most Americans have heard the song O Fortuna at the movies or on TV, although they may not know its name or its composer. It’s one of a suite of poems from the Middle-Ages (Carmina Burana, Bavarian Songs) which were … Continue reading

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Ad Alta Altare: Why Do We Have Altars in the First Place?

Editor’s note: Please welcome architect and catechist Christian LeBlanc, who has long practice teaching sixth graders about the connection between Scripture, art, and sacred architecture.  He has graciously agreed to write a series for the Catholic Writer’s Guild.  Enjoy! I … Continue reading

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