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The Mercy We Are Called to Live

When introducing the corporal and spiritual works of mercy in her book, Blessed Are You, author Melanie Rigney writes, “Both types can come free and easy … or hard and challenging” (Franciscan Media, 2016, p. 66).  This immediately made me … Continue reading

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When You Think You Think You Have Nothing to Give, Bring Your Drum…

At least that is what a young boy did thousands of years ago when he wanted to honor a new king. You probably can hear the drum beating as he asks “Shall I play for you? On my drum?”  You … Continue reading

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Chanukkah, Christmas and the Theology of Light: Reflections of a Jewish Convert and Physicist

Christmas, “The Feast of Lights”—Is there a theological significance to this or is it just a hangover from older customs? Let me share my thoughts–informed by my faith as a Catholic, my Jewish heritage, and my vocation as a physicist. … Continue reading

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Within the Crowd I Watched in Awe as the Priest Stepped into the Sandals of Christ

What follows is about a priest in a crowd, a famous poem, and a moment in time. The moment was like seeing a tiny flower growing out of a crack in a concrete sidewalk. That tiny flower is another example … Continue reading

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Lepidoptera Blessings

  The day after hurricane Irma, I marveled at a swallowtail butterfly gliding through my front yard; a graceful, welcome reprieve from the harsh winds of the day before. It was huge, soaring and totally unexpected.  This isn’t the first … Continue reading

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The Piano Farewell: My Wife’s Passing is Now Complete yet the Music Lives On*

My wife, Marty, after a four+ year downward spiral with cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, passed last March. But, for me, her passing was never complete as long as her piano remained at home. Recently, her piano found a new home … Continue reading

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Faith and Comfort

So, where is it you want to go? Where is it you expect your faith to take you in life?… .or maybe faith is an accouterment , something you coyly admit to when you’re at a party?  Truth is, you … Continue reading

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The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch, by T.M. Gaouette

  At age ten, Benedict carries massive chips on both shoulders. Having passed from bad foster homes to worse, he dreads the uncertainty of new surroundings and new rules. When he arrives at The Sunshine Ranch, he doubts the sincerity … Continue reading

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Don’t Wanna Hear It!

I suppose that it is easy enough to look at the spiritual journey and get caught up in all of the details of how to get from point “U”  (unworthy) to point “H” (Holy).  In one form or another … Continue reading

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Turning in Circles, by Michelle Buckman

Within a sleepy farm community along the South Carolina coast, two families coexist. The Thaines and their neighbors enjoy hard work, hospitality, horseback riding, pie, ice tea, kittens, and each other. The Darlingtons favor extortion, white privilege, domination, abuse, dog … Continue reading

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