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Holy Enough

Everything in life is a cycle.  Birth to death, Spring to Winter, river to lake to ocean, seed to fruit, atom to mass to energy, everything.   You could say that about the spiritual life also.  We haltingly learn the prayers, … Continue reading

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Humility: Jesus, Grant Me The Grace To Desire It

Some years ago, at my morning prayer group, my cherished friend Deacon Larry brought copies of the Litany of Humility. I never had heard of that prayer until that day. The men in my group trust Larry implicitly, so we dove … Continue reading

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Pentecost Just Passed and I’m Burning to Death: Is It Possible To Do Purgatory On Earth?

Have you ever had a magnanimous moment where you begged for the fire of God’s love to consume you, only to find in short order that it’s burning the hell out of you? Literally. Somehow, I’m always surprised when I … Continue reading

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Another Secular Triumph–Helping Laura Kill Herself

Her name is Laura and she is 24 years old. She is a healthy woman who lives in Belgium. She wants to die. Why does she want to die? Because, as she says, “Life, that’s not for me.” My initial … Continue reading

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It’s Not About Me!

Do you remember the first time you looked through a magnifying glass?  It was an amazement to find out that in the small area covered by the glass things were nothing like you thought they were at first glance!  I have … Continue reading

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