Book Review: The Road Home: A Journey of Faith by Joan Levy Earle

Editor’s Note: CWG member Gloria Winn shares this book review with us.  Thanks, Gloria!

Joan Levy Earle is an accomplished author and artist. The Road Home: A Journey of Faith is her tenth book. She is also an accomplished and well known artist in the Kingston/Cornwall area. Joan is currently living in Toronto and works as the Associate Editor of the Canadian Messenger of the Sacred Heart magazine.

Journey of Faith reveals Joan’s intimate walk with God, her faith experiences, and how her closest relationships have been affected. Her reflections demonstrate her desire to bless the reader with a reminder that God loves them too, and He is waiting for them to enter into Him more deeply.

Joan’s faith journey encourages the reader to search their hearts and be ready to be inspired by God. In her adventure of life, she has known sorrow and healing. She has grown spiritually and continues to seek the Lord’s face for more growth. Her faith and trust expressed throughout the telling of her journey are gentle encouragements for the reader to grow in their faith and trust in their own journey.

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