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How to Serve the Church as a Writer

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Have you heard about Catholics Communicate Christ?

Catholics Communicate Christ is a pithy dose of encouragement for grassroots Catholic writers. Writers are needed for the New Evangelization, in Catholic Education, New Media and the Arts. From wise spiritual counsel to names, links and lists, Catholics Communicate Christ delivers a much-needed kick off the starting block for emerging Catholic writers. Frank, funny, very helpful!

Here’s what happened: I went to the CWG LIVE Conference and got completely jazzed about helping my fellow Catholic writers! SO, I followed up with all the advice I’d give an FCW over coffee – adding in the things that most zinged, helped, or inspired me from the conference, and put it all in a Kindle book , which if it sells, will be my way of earning $$$ to contribute to the Guild. I’m hoping all CWG members will use their own networks to plug it, will buy it, and will come to to discuss it. Honestly, a third of all proceeds comes directly to the Guild – and that’s before my expenses get recovered. I’m truly hoping that it was better to make that financial and energy investment to benefit both Guild and new writers we hope will join the Guild, than just to give the few bucks I had on hand. I’m casting my bread upon the waters, and hoping great buckets of soggy dough returns to bless us all!

Catholics Communicate Christ: How to Serve the Church as a Writer is available as a Kindle book (and if you don’t have one, you can let it go to your ‘Amazon cloud reader’ and still read it there) and in a print version through CreateSpace estore and However it sells, the Guild gets about a dollar a copy, and you can help that happen. Please plug it wherever you can. I’m buying 30 copies to give Catholic college students I hope will join the ranks of faithful, mature, Catholic writers. (And, yes, I’m adding that $30 to the Guild pile!)

Oh, and since this whole project is an act of thanksgiving, the Kindle book will be free on Thanksgiving and on the next day: November 22, 23… a special deal for Guild members! Please get a copy, please plug it far and wide, and please come discuss it at! When you get there, you’ll see excerpts posted, with questions I hope you’ll respond to for the benefit of readers who come looking for the kind of “warm, supportive community” I found at the LIVE Conference.

I’ll be member-blogging here now and then to share the process and progress of this and other projects. THANKS for all the help you can give! My gift to you: Come over to to browse the stack of Writers Guidelines I’ve accumulated for Catholic publishers.

About Me: Author of Souls at Rest, Souls at Work; book reviews at Charlotte’s Web; just chatting at Chatty Catholic Doll; speaker info:

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