Mardi Gras of Lenten Devotionals: Welcome Risen Jesus

Next up in our round-up of Lenten devotionals by CWG Members is Sarah Reinhard’s Welcome Risen Jesus: Lent and Easter Reflections for Families  from Liguori Publications, 2012. 

This booklet is a personal favorite of my own — affordable, readable, spot-on in its combination of spiritual rigor and realism, and bonus: my kids loved it too.  But I asked Sarah to tell us about the book in her own words.

CWG Blog: Tell me about your devotional.  What’s it like?  Who’s it for?  What makes it different from the 10,000 other works out there?

Sarah R. It’s a page-a-day devotional for families. There’s a scripture quote (taken from the previous Sunday cycle of Gospels), and then a Think, Act, and Pray. The goal is that, while it certainly IS one more thing to do for Lent, that it not be overwhelming.

CWG Blog: You’ve written devotionals and other inspirational-genre works for both children and adults.  What’s the difference?  How do you find the right voice, so that you’re connecting well with your intended audience?

Sarah R.   Luck? The Holy Spirit?

 Oh wait, you’re looking for actual advice. Honestly, I just write. And I have a crit team that’s second to none. So I think it comes down to tapping into your own unique voice and style AND trusting your editor’s and crit team’s advice in this regard.

Welcome Risen Jesus is also available in a Spanish translation.


Continuing the series:  I know we have works to include from Connie Clark and Julie Davis.  Who am I missing?  If you are a CWG Member who has written a Lenten devotional, please e-mail me with your book info so I can include you — blog @  Also, please go ahead and post your book info in this combox, as we have several readers anxious to know about your work in time to make parish purchases.

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