Something “to do” for Lent


I don’t know about you, but one of the problems I have always had with the Lenten season is what to either “give up” or what “to do”.  I was going to give up bread (I love bread) and failed miserably two days in.

Anyway, to the point: My novel, “The Priest and The Peaches” (SoA awarded) sells for $2.99  as a Kindle download.  I decided for the season of Lent I’d give it away.  I’m offering it for  99 cents, which means as the author, I would make .18 cents  per sale.  So then I decided that I would donate whatever profits that might come my way to the American Cancer Society.

This I can consider a Lenten “to do”.  If any of you guys want to jump in and make a promotional offer on any of your work, maybe you might post it in the combox.  You might also post some recommended Lenten readings or something like that.

Wishing you all a contented and peace filled Lenten journey.  Larry P.


Special Lenten Offer

                                      THE PRIEST AND THE PEACHES

LENTEN SPECIAL: The novel, The Priest and The Peaches, will be available for .99 cents on Kindle during the Lenten season. This is a story about orphaned siblings trying to stay together as a family and how their faith, coupled with the guidance of their parish priest, helps them to learn about forgiveness, love of neighbor, and the real power of family. A great read for the Lenten season especially for the young folks.

Only .99 on Kindle   also available on Nook, iPad, Google, Smashwords and PDF     (45 reviews available at Amazon)


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  1. I’m also a Lent “failure.” This year I decided to go to the positive side and share my faith openly. I’m doing Stations of the Cross on my 30 second mini blog, a station a day for 14 days. Most of my Christian followers are not Catholic. I’ve had more visitors every day than I’ve ever had!