March Blog Round Up

John Konecsni shares his great news – we’re all s’posed to be tooting our own and each others’ horns, right?!?!

Larry Peterson reflects on the ‘shadow saint’… old saint, new insights.

Ellen Gable Hrkach suggests a new way to promote Theology of the Body…creatively!

Kassie Ritman makes you glad she’s writing down her stories and not waiting for someone else in the family!

Nancy Ward compares Reconciliation to heart surgery…very beautiful reflection!

Here’s my  (Charlotte Ostermann) advice for avoiding ‘Wet Net’ syndrome at Mass.

Elizabeth Schmeidler has a new song out….how do you create these beautiful videos Elizabeth??

New member Monica McConkey scoops us all with a JPII huzzah!!

Barb Schoeneberger offers a powerful old prayer that’s new to me, and wins the photo prize for a touching Francis-Benedict encounter.

Maria Rivera wants all you bloggers to tip her off about new blogs by Guild Members. Drop her a line:

Watch what you’re posting during April, and when you know your own favorite blog post, send me the link by April 29 for the next Member Blog Round-Up (

Please also visit the Catholic Conferences info and Catholic Writers Guidelines collection at and add to our knowledge of these opportunities whatever you can. THANKS!!

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2 Responses to March Blog Round Up

  1. Reenie says:

    Thanks SO much for keeping us updated with the Blog Roundup each month. It is a treasure! God Bless You.

  2. Thanks for your good work offering this round-up. It’s always good to find other Catholic bloggers and read their posts.