Member Round-Up


Nancy Ward, I get goosebumps just reading your story…delightful…great reminder to LOOK around!

Larry Peterson, what does Woodstock have to do with Catholic marriages???

Carolyn Astfalk – out of the, um, poopy diapers of babes!

Michael Seagriff is never tired during Adoration…and thanks, Michael, for plugging other bloggers in your post!

Mary Woods wins my award for Deepest Poetic Insight this month…beautiful…and this from a young Catholic!!

Barb Bozark reminds us it’s important to reflect upon HELL now and then…chilling.

Et Moi? Here’s a bit about a book I think will be interesting to all writers and educators: Charlotte Ostermann on C.S. Lewis’ Experiment in Criticism.

NEWS FLASH: The new deadline for Round-Up contributions will be “Second Wednesdays”. The Round-Up will still appear on Third Wednesdays with your favorite blog post (your own!) from the prior month. Send link to:

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