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Writers as Tour Guides

I’m involved in a project to organize a reading plan for students. It has made me aware, in a new way, of the value of the riches stored in my head from past reading. No machine could correlate a lifetime … Continue reading

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A Writer’s Voice

Do you spend time in conversation about the material you write? If not, you may be in danger of losing your voice. Writing is, ultimately, a means of communication – a two-way street. Without an audience – in mind, or … Continue reading

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The Unbloody Cross?

The most interesting thing I have to tell fellow writers this month is about being censored. I bought a “self-publishing” contract with a reputable firm connected to a major Christian publisher. For help with margins and a cover design, the … Continue reading

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Creative Infrastructure

Happy New Year! Every year my work process changes to accommodate new realities. Much of it stays constant – the tried and true practices that form an infrastructure for working new projects into the mix. I hope if I share … Continue reading

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Writers Read

I love the idea of sharing our reading, but it’s not happening! I must bow out of my third-Wednesday posting as of this last entry in the “writers are the greatest readers” series. I hope someone continues it, and that … Continue reading

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Blog Housekeeping

As you enter the new year, add Blog Maintenance to your schedule. Even if you’re the only one reading it, it should be ‘company ready.’ Sprucing it up is good for your morale, and will improve your future blogging. Here, … Continue reading

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Writers Read

Dear Catholic Writers Guild, We’re trying READING on for size this month. Instead of Rounding-Up your favorite blog posts, we asked for your thoughts about what you’re reading. Here are a few gems from your fellow Guild members: Carolyn Astfalk … Continue reading

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Ten Trends You Need to Know About

Non-fiction writers will want to read John L. Allen, Jr.’s book The Future Church to learn “How ten trends are revolutionizing the Catholic Church.” You’ll be writing for a church that is increasingly globalized, responds to new problems raised by … Continue reading

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Last Round-Up!!

I’m a big fan of mutual admiration societies, so I hope you will all read the blog posts your fellow Guild members have shared. Meanwhile, let’s plan to change the Round-Up to Writers Read in the coming months. See details … Continue reading

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Half the Battle

Whatever you’re battling, I’ve got news for you! Half the battle is realizing that the battle isn’t everything. The thing you’re struggling with can so easily fill your whole field of vision, blocking out the everything-else until you feel completely … Continue reading

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